It’s quiet.

It's quiet. Too quiet. It's that type of quiet that you know. The type that is familiar. You thought it passed. Thought it went away, but it didn't. Depression sucks. It's not picky either. It creeps up on the most unsuspecting person and plants itself deep inside your soul. Sometimes you can ignore it. Sometimes… Continue reading It’s quiet.

Birthday Gifts

How many times as a parent have you been to a birthday party? How many times have you thrown a birthday party? So now, how many times, have you had to use the strength of Hulk to open the gifts that your little ones received at the birthday party? ME TOO. I hate birthday parties.… Continue reading Birthday Gifts

Noises, Bugs and Nightmares

It's 4am. I'm awake for the 4th night in a row because my almost 7 year old is all of a sudden terrified of literally everything.  She won't sleep all night. She won't sleep without a light (and we talking something bright enough to see from space). She won't play outside for fear of blood… Continue reading Noises, Bugs and Nightmares